Our online menu is updated weekly so may differ from the menu in the restaurant.


red pea & benne tahini hummus, crudites, housemade lavash …. 6
feta snack, crudites, housemade lavash …. 6
pumpkin & apple cornmeal fritters, whipped ricotta, green tomato mostarda …. 7
farm egg baked in celery cream, grilled bread …. 10 
delicata squash, everything seasoning, fromage blanc, mustard greens …. 12
local lettuces, sorghum-sunflower vinaigrette, apple, pecan, sweet potato …. 12
kale salad, herbed tofu dressing, pickled onion, burnt lemon, breadcrumbs …. 12
lamb meatballs, farro verde, yogurt, cucumber, tomato, peanut, mint …. 13
royal red shrimp, smoked clams, rice middlins, bacon, potato, white wine …. 15
housemade charcuterie, pickles, mustard, grilled bread …. 21


chestnut & pumpkin ravioli, fromage blanc, mustard greens, mushroom …. 23
smoked pork sausages, creamed hominy, greens, sweet pepper, tomato …. 26
roasted pasture-raised chicken, sweet potato, collards, spaetzle, walnut …. 27
duck leg confit, appalachian blue barley, roasted beet, plum, swiss chard …. 31
grilled quail, butternut squash, cranberry, watercress, pecan, rosemary …. 25
snapper fillet, hakurei turnip, broccoli, caramelized fennel, brassica jus …. 32
pork shoulder, napa cabbage, fennel, apple, walnut, bourbon, cider, mustard …. 25
grass-fed ny strip, cauliflower, mushroom duxelle, pear gremolata …. 39
seasonal vegetable plate …. 24

SIDES …. 8 each

butternut squash, cranberry, watercress, pecan
sauteed greens, sweet pepper, onion
napa cabbage, fennel, apple, walnut
blue barley, beet, plum, swiss chard
hakurei turnip, broccoli, caramelized fennel