Our online menu is updated weekly so may differ from the menu in the restaurant.


red pea & benne tahini hummus, crudites, housemade lavash …. 6
feta snack, crudites, housemade lavash …. 6
grits fritters with country ham & thomasville tomme …. 6
farm egg baked in celery cream, grilled bread …. 9 
chilled beet salad, pistachio, feta, fennel, orange, rhubarb …. 12
local lettuces, breadcrumbs, sunflower seeds, asparagus, rhubarb vinaigrette …. 11
seared pork belly, field peas, peanut sauce, peanut brittle, mint …. 13
chilled shrimp, peanut, kohlrabi, fava bean, snap pea, chile sambal, cilantro …. 15
housemade charcuterie, pickles, mustard, grilled bread …. 21


goat cheese ravioli, carrot, shiitake, leek, mustard greens, preserved lemon …. 23
sapelo clams, pork sausage, grouper, basil farfalle, tomato, fennel, leek …. 26
roasted chicken, kohlrabi, fava bean, spring onion, ramp, meyer lemon …. 27
duck breast, cornmeal hoe cakes, corn, scallion, oyster mushroom, blueberry …. 31
grilled quail, rice middlins, green beans, tomato, peach, country ham …. 25
grouper fillet, summer squash, vidalia, peach, cucumber, fennel, crème fraiche …. 32
braised lamb, semolina gnocchi, carrot, turnip, fennel, pea, mint …. 25
crispy fried pork chop, creamed greens, spring onion, lemon …. 24
grass-fed flank steak, grilled squash, corn puree, field pea, chimichurri …. 30
seasonal vegetable plate …. 24

SIDES …. 8 each

pole beans, spring onion, peach, tomato
simple sauteed greens
grilled squash, vidalia & peach
corn, scallion & oyster mushroom
roasted carrots, turnips & peas