Dine-In Dinner Menu

Menu is subject to change based on local and seasonal availability.

feta snack, crudités, housemade lavash …. 9
sea island red pea hummus, crudités, housemade lavash …. 9
farm egg baked in celery cream with grilled bread …. 10
pork, pumpkin & persimmon chili with cornbread croutons …. 9
buttermilk fried quail, chestnut, apple, kale, wheatberries …. 15
BLT salad: local lettuce, bacon tomato, mayo, breadcrumbs …. 12
kale salad, candied cashew, pickled apple, garlic & anchovy dressing, mint …. 12
housemade charcuterie, pickles, mustard, grilled bread …. 21 with cheese …. 34


shrimp & fish gumbo, rice grits, okra, tomato, scallion, benne seed …. 26
grouper fillet, spaghetti squash, bok choy, tomato, basil …. 28
grilled pork sausages, walnut, sweet potato, apple, mustard greens …. 25
grass-fed beef steak, delicata squash, snap bean, mushroom, salsa macha …. 28
duck breast, five spice pumpkin, persimmon, hakurei turnip …. 29
seasonal vegetable plate …. 24


SIDES …. 8 each

simple sautéed greens

snap bean, green tomato, mushroom

local tomatoes with basil, olive oil & goat cheese

spaghetti squash, bok choy, tomato

sweet potatoes, shishitos, red onion


coconut cake, lime sherbet, candied coconut …. 9
pumpkin flan, cranberries, puff pastry …. 9
apple pie, spiced ice cream, caramel sauce …. 9
chocolate ganache cake, hazelnut,
poached pear, olive oil ice cream …. 9
ice cream scoop of the day …. 6 each
cheese selections with accompaniments …. 6 each



in the kitchen
executive chef steven satterfield
chef de cuisine mykel burkart
pastry chef pamela moxley

*miller union is committed to using safe and sanitary practices
and working with local farmers every day